Our story began with a cancer diagnosis in 2003 that prompted us to explore and embrace life style changes. Changing our diet to assure nutritious, healthy meals was a no brainer.  Thankfully, we had access to family owned land which gave us the opportunity to plan, plant and eat from our own organic garden.  We jumped in with real gusto and soon had our first crops in the ground.  As our crops began to grow, we noticed very few honeybees flying about.  We did some research and learned that a troubling new menace called “Colony Collapse Disorder” was playing havoc on bee populations.  In what would prove to be a defining decision for our future, we installed several beehives to assure that our crops would receive proper pollination. 

Fast forward to today, top notch medical care combined with life style changes defeated the cancer.  We continue to plant and grow organic row crops for our personal consumption, but along the way, we discovered that beekeeping is a totally fascinating and fulfilling endeavor.  Two hives became 5.  Five hives became 10 and so on.  Soon, we began producing enough honey to give it as gifts to friends and relatives.  As our honey production continued to increase, we began selling it at select Farmers Markets and Special Events.  In late 2010, we made the finale leap and established Bgoods, LLC.

Today, Bgoods, LLC (dba Bee-Goods) is a Certified Louisiana Farm To Table Crafter of added value products created from suburb raw materials produced by the phenomenal Honey Bee. . Our mission is to sustainably produce and deliver delicious products that provide wholesome goodness and honest value to our customers. As artisan producers of value added products, we craft products that are innovative, delicious and healthy.  Products on which we stake our reputation.