About Us

Bee-Goods is a small, family owned and operated apiary, orchard and “on-farm” crafter of value added products. As growers, we routinely employ organic growing methods to assure the quality and sustainability of our crops. As beekeepers, we focus on the health of our honeybees by following all-natural apiculture practices. As artisan producers of added value products, we create products that are innovative, delicious and healthy. Our mission is to grow, deliver and produce products that provide wholesome goodness and honest value to our customers.
Our products include fantastic honey which is always raw and never heated or filtered. We utilize our pristine honey and home grown organic fruit to carefully craft fine Meads and an ecliptic array of Melomels. In turn, some of our Meads and Melomels are used to produce delicious and healthy Vinegars such as Persimmon Vinegar, Mayhaw Vinegar and 5 other Melomel Vinegar varieties. 

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