Bee-Goods’ gourmet honey is absolutely delicious and abundantly healthy. We take great pride in assuring that our honey is always pure, completely raw and never processed.

Bee-Goods’ miel vinaigre de vin (honey wine vinegar) is pure, raw honey that has been slowly and meticulously crafted into a fine show mead. Once ready, the mead is painstakingly converted into an exceptional, rare vinegar utilizing the time honored Orleans method.

The result is a tantalizingly smooth but zesty mouthful of flavor tempered by sweet hints of honey. A flavor that is enjoyable and healthy straight up yet powerful enough to liven up your favorite dishes. It is delicious on salads, fresh greens and vegetables. Moreover, it easily replaces expensive balsamic vinegars in dressings, sauces, marinades and desserts. Or, enjoy it as a “shrub” to create a refreshing, healthy drink, be it as an additive to a glass of ice water or as that secret ingredient in exciting and exotic cocktails. Experiment, you will surely discover many wondrous uses for our outstanding honey wine vinegar. Not surprisingly, miel vinaigre de vin (honey wine vinegar) has become our most popular item and occasionally sells out, so place your order soon.